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LeetCode Board

LeetCode is designed for whiteboard interviews. Ironically, no website currently offers a whiteboard integration for LeetCode. As part of this project, you’ll build a web app that will allow any user to brainstorm problem ideas on a whiteboard. Each LeetCode problem will have an associated whiteboard, and the user should be able to retrieve the brainstorming notes across machines, even if they revisit the problem after years. Users should be able to login to save these notes. If time permits, we will also add payment integration in case the user wants to store the notes in our server for its lifetime.

Most people learn React/NextJS by building clones of popular projects (which is a good approach to begin with). However, for clones, you already know what the final product looks like. And if you ever get stuck, a simple google search leads you to a resolution of the issue faced by another user who was building the clone. This way, you don’t really learn a lot if you are easily tempted to see the fix.

In constrast, the description for this project is intentionally kept vague, and all issues that you would encounter while building it are not availablee as is on Google. Hence, you need to put in extra effort during your research.

P.S : We will not be building a whiteboard from scratch. The focus is instead on using open source whiteboard’s API and integrating it into our app.


You should be good at programming, even if you just know C++.

Typescript, React, NextJS are not prerequisites. I’ll share the documentation links of the relevant parts that you need to learn as and when we need them in the project.


  • Typescript
  • React Hooks
  • NextJS
  • TailwindCSS / Shadcn
  • Payment Integration
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Firebase
  • Hosting / Docker / Netlify


  • Project starts on 6th May, 2024
  • Duration - 8 Weeks

Mode of Communication

This is a guided project. Each week, I’ll share the goals for the week, and you need to brainstorm, research, read documentation and implement the feature. This is not a collaborative project. Each student will build their own version independently, but discussion among peers is allowed.

Every week, there will be 1 to 2 zoom sessions to discuss progress and doubts.

How to Apply?

The application process is now closed.